Technovera has extensive research-skills that apply knowledge, creativity, and solutions to enhance delivery and productivity.

Our team utilizes the best practices in implementing consolidated technology resources and tools to ensure your application runs with scalability, security, and reliability. We analyze the entire IT architecture, application insights, and frameworks to optimize for cost-efficiency and speed.

Technovera works with Java programming language to offer technological capabilities of using the web and mobile application, develop a process to run and integrate on any platform. Java is a platform-independent language, widely used from developing a web application to e-commerce applications, developing websites to find its applications in big data technologies, and Android development. Java is simple, secure, portable, and robust features ensuring greater speed and reliability.

At Technovera, we continuously evaluate sustainable architecture, best-in-class code, and high-performance solutions for our clients. Our team used the latest and trusted technologies as per the evolving trends for quality delivery.

Technical Capabilities

Project Solution

Java in business intelligence features to create powerful applications and minimizes the complexity of the enterprise application. It allows us to utilize a development model, run-time environment, and scalability with the ease of use, robustness, and multi-platform capabilities for smooth functionality.

Java in Banking & Finance: Java is heavily used in the banking and financial service industry due to its highly secure platform. Java in Cloud helps to track business insights of the online trading.

No matter you want to need a full-stack of Microsoft Technologies that offers you a powerful set of tools, create APIs for applications and solutions with high-performance capabilities, we are here to guide you with the best of technologies. Technovera helps you with a robust Microsoft architecture to deliver fast, scalable, and reliable .Net applications, ensuring you to take advantage to develop enterprise applications, Web services, APIs, mobile, IoT, and more.

Mircosoft.Net is a widely used technology in software development, and our team works collectively on various projects to solve complex issues and provide an effective solution for various business verticals.

We have created numerous applications and solved technical issues for existing applications by implementing the best tools, libraries, and APIs for Web, Mobile, IoT, Cloud, etc.

Technological Capabilities

Project Solution

Developing software applications with .Net Framework leverages agility, maximizes efficiency, and reduction of overhead cost. From strategizing the process of application design and development to deployment and maintenance, we develop cutting-edge applications.

Retail and eCommerce Industry: Streamline your products and services with robust insights of e-Commerce solutions in the Retail and e-Commerce industry to stimulate growth.

PHP is an open-source language, which is widely used in the web world and web services. Tuning to a PHP, Technovera helps you with the PHP development process across a wide spectrum of simple to complex enterprise-driven applications powered by storage, security, and flexibility of using PHP scripting language and MySQL database.

PHP Development and Consulting Services

Our expert team of PHP developers has hands-on-experience proficiency in customizing solutions depending on the business goals that you can set apart with core technology. With our technology competence, we help you to choose the right technology planned with PHP project in sourcing secure solution for web-based development or PHP applications.

Benefits of using PHP

Project Solution

Technovera adapts PHP technology due to its flexibility during all current projects as well as completed projects. Multiple databases integrated with PHP reduces the connection time. PHP is easily integrated and compatible to run on multi-platforms. PHP helps to easily manage applications, handle large volumes of data-driven applications, update and share information.

PHP For Healthcare System: PHP helps the healthcare sector into an efficient healthcare management system for clinics and hospitals. For instance, a healthcare system in PHP enables larger users to access healthcare applications (desktop, web, and mobile applications) using multiple devices.

Technovera has an experienced team to develop Windows Applications that effectively work across backend or cloud data. We ensure performance meets its core objectives by integrating our strategies, ensuring well-crafted business solutions and workflow. We develop applications that address increased visibility to empower business users to experience clean code, functionality, and responsiveness that leverages productivity.

We use both standard and open source technologies to develop windows apps. HTML5, JavaScript, Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML), Web Services are some of the key technologies that are utilized to build windows-based applications. 

Technological Capabilities

Project Solution

Windows App is widely used for creating robust, secure, and scalable application Windows platform. It easily customized business apps as per the needs to automate efficiency and usability of the Windows based Apps. It is easy to use application and well-equipped with variety of applications.

Transportation & Logistics: The GPS tracking efficiently work for transportation and logistics to navigate the location, safely drive and reach to the required destination. Windows Apps allows to display, track and analyze GPS & Map data using mobile devices. 

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